Behind the scenes – a Yuvãfy Collagen journey – Part I (Fabulous flavour)

We kick off the New Year with our inaugural Behind The Scenes a Yuvãfy Collagen journey. This first one is an interview style focussing on the name and the flavour combination.

The name – what does it mean and how did you come up with it.

It is pronounced /’ju.və.faɪ/ [juva-fy] or think “spotify” with yuva (juva) in front .

Yuva is a Nepalese word and means youth, rejuvenation, revitalisation so a perfect word for what collagen does for your skin, body, hair, nail and joints.

fy is derived from Latin, meaning to empower, render, transform – so the two combined just made sense for a high efficacy collagen brand.

From the outset we set out to produce a high efficacy product, better than anything else on the market, with a delicious flavour one would look forward to taking daily, and with sustainability and eco-conscious values at the very core of the brand.

After over a year of research and development, multiple   tests and trials and a few failures, we knew we could create a viable product and had to come up with a name… – not an easy feat.

After deciding to go ahead whilst we were finalising the product development (which took nearly another year), we spent months and months trying out names. Nothing was quite right until someone came up with Yuva and someone else added the Fy and there you have it: YUVÃFY was born.

How did you come up with such an unusual combination of flavours?

We were quite unhappy with the consistency and flavour of most of the collagen brands on the market, so we knew we had to come up with something which avoided the usual unpleasant fishy taste of so many collagen brands and yet tasted great, whilst adhering to our high demands on quality, efficacy and sustainability. We were initially thinking: light, enjoyable, happy, healthy but how does that translate into a flavour?

When initially developing the product, we wanted to focus on a fruity flavour profile, paired with a botanical essence. After an extensive series of development iterations, we landed on blood orange & ginger as a great combination to suit the ingredients within the blend. In the final stages of refinement, we introduced a dash of raspberry which elevated the taste profile to achieve a harmonious and perfectly balanced flavour.