Does your body take longer to recover post-gym session? Do your joints creak? Does travelling wipe you out? Your body can’t keep up and is complaining about your low collagen levels. Put down that highly processed, high-sugar, calorific protein bar and invest in a marine collagen drink with a whopping 9.5g of protein per sachet.

Collagen drinks are not just for skin health – they can also support your strength and fitness. Collagen is the building block of skin, bones, tendons, joints and muscles, but we take it for granted until it declines with age. We all need a daily dose to fuel our bodies, whether professional athletes, yoga devotees or constantly on the go. Scientifically proven to trigger natural collagen production, they restore collagen levels throughout your body to support muscle health, joint health and post-exercise recovery. Listen to that huge sigh of relief from your body!

Collagen Benefits when Exercising

Muscle Health

If you want to upgrade your exercise routine this January, don’t let muscle soreness hold you back. Collagen is a vital part of skeletal muscle, but as levels decline, it takes longer to recover, leading to post-exercise inflammation, muscle soreness and stiffness.

Sports research has shown that collagen peptides benefit muscle recovery and the body needs as many as possible to build new connective tissues post-exercise. Focusing on muscle recovery is especially important in mid-life to protect your mobility as you age.

Yuvãfy doesn’t want anyone to abandon their fitness routine due to muscle pain. If your natural collagen production can’t keep up and you feel sore and creaky, it’s time to supplement with a marine collagen drink.

Joint Health

Collagen is also vital for reducing post-exercise joint inflammation and pain. This superstar protein supports the cartilage structure, the rubber-like connective tissue protecting our joints. Most don’t realise that cartilage and bone are mainly collagen, and we rely on it to keep our bones and joints strong, especially when doing high-impact exercise. As collagen levels decline, we are at risk of wear and tear and take longer to recover post-exercise.

But this is not an excuse to lie on the sofa all day! We need to focus on mobility to prevent falls in later life. Instead of wasting money on over-the-counter remedies for achy joints, let’s treat the cause, not the symptom. Upping your collagen levels will help support joint flexibility and reduce joint pain and post-exercise stiffness.

Exercise Recovery

Quick science lesson: Protein is broken down within the muscle post-exercise. But over time, collagen levels fall, the body produces less good-quality protein, and our recovery time slows.

Yuvãfy marine collagen drink is an excellent source of good quality protein for athletes because it offers a potent dose of essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein. (Our favourite cells – fibroblasts – need amino acids to produce collagen). Each sachet provides 9.5g of protein – perfect for post-exercise recovery.

You could eat a steak, but animal proteins aren’t as bioavailable. Yuvãfy uses hydrolysed collagen, already broken down into tiny, more digestible portions. Don’t forget: It’s not the collagen you eat; it’s the collagen you absorb! We’ve also added healing vitamin C to aid in collagen synthesis and the absorption of amino acids to help your body rebuild the tissues.

Collagen Benefits when travelling

Jet Lag Buster

We all need a bit of extra energy to recover post-travelling. The Christmas travel season is approaching, so let’s get ready: you sort out your wardrobe, and we will sort out your health. Yuvãfy collagen sachets are a vital part of your travel kit and help your body easily navigate different time zones.

None of us think we will be affected by jetlag until we are. Recirculated air on planes and busy airports is rife with germs and viruses, so don’t forget to take our immune-boosting collagen drink before, during and after travelling. Yuvãfy has added antioxidant Vitamin C (the show-stealer) and B complex (the sensible friend you can always rely on) to boost energy and immunity. Vitamin B helps convert food into glucose for an energy boost to help you deal with that stressful business trip. Vitamin C is the gold standard immune booster and jet lag buster, boosting white blood cells to ward off germs before they ruin your trip. It is also vital for pollution-proofing skin against free radical damage – no holiday is worth premature ageing! Your body can’t produce or store vitamin C; getting it from your diet is hard because we keep peeing it out!

Hydration for long-haul flights

Yuvãfy wants you to arrive at your destination looking fresh as a daisy. There is a reason why celebrities don shades as they leave the airport — long-haul flights slow circulation and stop nutrients from getting into the skin, making it look dull and grey. Our skin loses moisture with age – let’s not speed up the process! Dry air, caused by low humidity on a long-haul flight, can leech moisture from your skin, leaving it tight, dull and irritable. (Humidity can drop to 20% on even a short flight; our skin feels comfy at 40-70%).

Fine lines show up more on dehydrated skin, so Yuvãfy has added hyaluronic acid to plump up your skin with moisture from the inside out. The skin is like a sponge: if water evaporates, it goes hard. Don’t forget to take a hydrating spray in your travel kit to spritz your skin during the flight from the outside in.

Now you’re good to go..

By Charlotte Wilkes

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