December Beauty Thrills: Our Must-Have Products This Month The Handbook includes Yuvãfy Collagen

Yuvãfy Collagen, we are so honoured to be selected to feature in The Handbook’s Must-Have products of the month. The only product on the list being called a Mocktail for your skin..

With fresh and innovative new beauty brands landing on The Handbook beauty desk every single day, the choice of products is fast becoming overwhelming, even for us. So, we’ve done the hard work for you and filtered out the products which really are worth parting with your hard-earned cash. From LED eye brighteners and a supermodel scent to charity wash bags and luxe hairspray, these are the products that have made our beauty editor squeal with excitement this month.

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Collagen Supplements, from £39 for 15-day supply


Whatever your skin type, natural collagen begins to deplete from 20 years plus, so frankly we could all do with a daily top up. These marine-based collagen individual sachets, are a handy way to get your collagen fix. Your skin, hair and nails will visibly look and feel better after just eight weeks. Plus, unlike so many collagen supps on the market, these taste delicious – blood orange, ginger, and raspberry. Consider them a mocktail for your skin.